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Let 1Network help you manage and support your Wi-Fi requirements with Sophos Central™


Manage all your security on a single platform​

Sophos Central is a scalable management platform that gives you a single pane of glass for all of your cloud-managed security solutions. ​


Superior visibility into wireless health ​All the key information about the health of your wireless networks and connecting clients is directly at your fingertips.


  • Simple deployment and administration​ Our solution is built to be simple to use, even for non-wireless experts, but that doesn’t mean you forfeit functionality. ​

  • Intelligence connected with Security Heartbeat™ ​

You can monitor the health status of any Sophos Central-managed endpoint or mobile device and so automatically restrict web access on trusted Wi-Fi networks.

Users with serious compliance issues see a splash screen to alert them to their walled garden status but receive full connectivity again, once health is restored.​

  • Security enhanced for your trusted Wi-Fi networks ​

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