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“Wi-Fi is not set-it and forget-it.”

1Network, in partnership with Ekahau, will design and manage a bespoke Wi-Fi solution that ensures optimum efficiency for your business. From large stadiums, to remote offices, we will tailor your Wi-Fi solution to suit your needs as your company grows.

Good Wi-Fi is not an extra, it’s an expectation.





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Customer satisfaction, employee productivity and overall efficiency are negatively impacted by unreliable Wi-Fi

Talk to us today about finding a solution that gives your business the Wi-Fi solution it needs to succeed.


The Solution

1Network with Ekahau delivers precise Wi-Fi diagnostics with in-depth site surveys and comprehensive spectrum analysis.

  • Site survey and analysis of your existing wireless network.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve any existing network issues.

  • Design a new bespoke network that tailored requirements.

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Site Survey

Using Ekahau Sidekick technology, 1Network performs a site survey to discern exactly how your wireless network is performing in your environment.

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Create a new bespoke Wi-Fi solution that matches your organization's

Wi-Fi expectations with the building constraints.


Issues such as channel utilization,

Wi-Fi dead spots or slow unresponsive connections can be addressed to maximize the efficiency of your current infrastructure. 

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